Bolymin FMS

Bolymin FMS Introduction

Tracking Vehicle Locations and Monitoring Vehicle Health

Bolymin FMS is designed to help our customers to ensure the company vehicles: are operating smoothly; are constantly seeking ways to improve performance; can keep operation costs at a minimum; and maintain compliance with government regulations.

“Bolymin Fleet Management Solutions goes well beyond just tracking vehicle locations and monitoring vehicle health.”

Our customers will acquire more control over drivers and vehicles, spend less time spent on predicting time of departure and arrival, get hold of traffic updates and improve productivity.


  • The importing cost is much lower than a full customized system
  • Quasi-customized system, more in line with customer needs than package software
  • Complete modules and experienced consultants to shorten the timeframe of system introduction

Key Benefits

  • Save on fuel consumption
  • Prevent delays on transportation / deliveries
  • Reduce cost of insurance
  • Reduce road accidents
  • Track and recover lost vehicles
  • Lessen maintenance costs
  • Improve driving habits
  • Prevent unauthorized use of vehicles
  • Passengers get better service by real-time location and ETA
  • Improve communication with driver during accidents or vehicle breakdown
  • Prevent dubious safety and security incidents

Developing Concepts

Modularized architecture to provide optimal, quick and cost-effective solution to meet industrial characters and biz operation wants. The Bolymin FMS includes the following three parts:

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