Bolymin FMS

Business Operation

Simplify Daily Operations & Managing Documents

The business management subsystem is designed to simplify daily operations and managing documents generation. The subsystem is based on user’s needs and operational experiences. Through digitalized SOP, we reduce staffs’ loading and provide real time information to managers and who requests those data.

The basic functions required for business management are already included on our cloud-base platform.

In addition, we have launched the following value-added modules in response to customers’ operational needs, and we still provide customized services.

Value-Added Modules

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For Driver

Drivers operation management

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For Back-Office Staff

Daily operation management

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For Local/Site Controller

Dispatch and Route optimization management

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For Finance Staff

Finance Operation management

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For Maintenance Staff

Maintenance support

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For Manager

Management reports

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For User

APP for consumer, manager and staffs

Bolymin report can be customized as per customers’ requirements and data can be exported in Excel or Text format.

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