Bolymin FMS

Cloud-Based Management Platform

Core of Bolymin FMS

Cloud-Based Management Platform is the core of Bolymin Fleet management solution that enables all the business processes automation, efficiency and cost saving.

Standard System

Cloud-based Management Platform refers to the applications, tools, technologies and practices that help businesses maintain optimal use of their work vehicles from a central platform. In the standard module, it entails the use of:

  • Telematics and GPS Tracking Software
  • Database Information Software

Value-Added System

Need to install vehicle on-board equipment / devices or vehicle sub-systems in response to operational management needs before importing value added module. 

According to the equipment and sub-systems installed on vehicle, the corresponding analysis and reporting functions will be added in the beck-end control platform to help customers improve the effectiveness of operation management and cost analysis control. Bolymin also developed the modules to help fleet operators in enhancing revenues and customer satisfaction and improving business operation process by digitalization.

  • Vehicle Health Management
  • Ads / Events Scheduling & Publishing
  • ERP Connection
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