Bolymin FMS

On-Board Sub-System

Automotive Telematic Devices

Bolymin on-board diagnostic system is an automotive telematics devices that collect raw data from various sensors installed in the vehicle.
Data is transmitted to centralized control room in order to make informed decision and improve fleet management.

Vehicle Tracking & On-Road Safety is more than tracking locations and events of vehicles in the field, it can monitor both drivers’ and passengers’ behaviors to promote safe driving and avoid operating company at risk.

In addition to providing minute-by-minute location and performance data on each vehicle and driver in the field, this subsystem can generate weekly individual drivers’ driving-reports to identify behaviors and patterns that could increase risk and rank drivers by records. Some of customers saw the significant decrease in its fleet crash rate.

Bolymin Vehicle Tracking & On-Road Safety can benefit any industry that employs drivers.

Bolymin Daily Check subsystem is a unique function. The goal is to help the operators digitized their workflow for the basis of intelligent management.

It’s based on a number of daily management principles which came from the experiences of bus service providers and logistic services providers. It includes safety focus, management and incentive of drivers, finance related process.

Bolymin Ticketing & Payment allows the customer to make payments through Tickets, Credit Cards, QR codes, barcodes.

Multiple payments play an important role in transportation service and logistic services. People like options and control in any situation. Offering only one method of payment may prevent you from maximizing your sales and revenue.

Bolymin Ticketing & Payment Subsystem can benefit any industries.

Bolymin Broadcasting & Ads subsystem include a broadcast receiver (speaker, display, handset devices) and the contents editing software.

Bolymin Broadcasting & Ads subsystem can benefit any industries.

Bolymin Vehicle Health Monitoring subsystem will keep fleet operation in top working order by stopping breakdowns before they happen, and the fleet operator will be notified before out-of-service events happen.

Fleet operator can monitor vehicles in the field by,

  • Monitor the current overall health and historical health trends of fleet and individual vehicle
  • Highlight vehicles with active faults on live fleet maps, and direct them to nearby service centers.

Fleet operator can also subscribe a backend module, included in Biz-Operation Subsystem, to enhance the performance of Vehicle Health Management.

  • Create on-demand or scheduled reports for following up on problems that need attention.
  • Act on chronic or recurring issues that could indicate faulty maintenance or problematic driver behavior.
  • Tailor vehicle health alerts by operator’s needs and wants
  • Set performance cut-offs when performance slippage becomes noteworthy
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