Bolysys FMS - Fleet Management System

Bolysys Brand Story

Traffic accidents happen in various parts of the city everyday! Caused by traffic accidents, property loss and human life loss is huge, and is terribly. To focus on driving safety and therefore to decrease traffic accidents is very meaningful! 

Bolysys developed Fleet Management System for seven years, we are building very successful stories in many cities among different fleets.

We are looking forward to managing your fleet together with you. 

BE905F2 - Vehicle-mounted Computer

  • Bolysys FMS - Fleet Management System - driver tracking

    Where is my truck located?

    Is truck driving on scheduled route? Is it near destination soon? You want to be sure about it.

    It would be good if you are able to see your truck on Google map, and seeing it moving second by second. It would be even better if you are able to play back historic track as you wish. It would be very helpful if an event happened, a push on SOS button will send alarm message back to Control Center.

  • Bolysys FMS - Fleet Management System

    Is driver sleepy and driving now?

    Sleepy driving is very dangerous and very possibly to invite traffic accident. At this moment driver wished to be waked up and manager in backend Control Center would like to wake up driver too. Driver Monitoring System(DMS) could help.

  • Bolysys FMS - Fleet Management System

    I can’t see bike near my truck!

    Ya, as a driver you want to be sure about moving and still objects near your truck, yet physically you cannot, since there is blind spot outside your eyesight. You therefore need BSIS and/or BSD to to help with locating those objects. Manager in backend Control Center might want to monitor those scenes too if there is.