About Bolysys

With more than 10 years experience on embedded hardware/software development and system integration, Bolysys team focuses on Intelligent Transportation Equipment and Systems integration.
We intend to help the fleet manager to reach the target of SMART:
improve driving Safety, share Messages, manage Assets, decrease Risks and improve Transportation efficiency.

寶利通科技團隊擁有10年以上嵌入式系統、軟硬體的研發經驗,以及5年以上系統整合經驗。專注於智慧交通相關的設備和系統之整合,期能藉由 AIoT 和車聯網的技術協助車隊管理者達到促進駕駛安全(Safety)、 訊息共享(Messages)、車輛管理(Assets)、降低風險(Risk)、增進運輸效能(Transport)的SMART目標。